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Professionally, in my career I supported people with disabilities and their families to improve their quality of life – different needs and different levels of support were common.

Personally, I was fortunate to live close to my parents and happily did my best to support them during their later years of life and while working full time. Another plus was having a big family and still at times it was all hands-on deck and stressful.

This level of support is not available for many people. In some situations, people may prefer professional assistance and let family be family and friends be friends.

Consider this gift to yourself, a family member or someone important to you.

I look forward to your call.

-Margaret O’Toole
O'Toole Services

      Experience & Qualifications

  • Bonded & Insured

  • Non Profit Leadership/23 years

  • Confidental

  • Trustworthy

  • Annual Criminal Background and Drivers Record Check

  • Resource Rich

  • Michigan Notary

  • Disability Advocate

  • Professional Trustee



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