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Privacy Policy

O’Toole Services is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and the users of This Privacy Policy statement outlines our Policy on gathering and use of information on this website.

It is not required to register to access this website, but you may be asked or offer personal information when you visit certain sections of this site or to download material land other information located on this website.

Any client information gathered from this website may be used for promotional purposes, marketing research. General information gathered will be used to send you and or your business promotional materials, special offers and other relevant information pertaining to our services.  From time to time this website will be updated to best meet the needs of our clients, for users to stay informed and to offer resources and links to for your use and information. The amount of views and viewers will be tracked for the purposes of relevance and interest.


O’Toole Services at no time or for any reason will provide your personal information to a third party.


O’Toole Services may use standard technology called “cookies” on this website. Cookies are small data files that are download on to your computer when you visit a participate web site. A used can disable this option on your browser, however the use of cookies may help the full use of this website.


This website has established high levels of security…………………….


A review of O’Toole Services Privacy Policy will be done on an annual basis and any changes will be shared with our users.
Contact motoole@otoolecservices

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